NFT Digital Award Trophies

Want to revolutionise your awards like never before?

Give your winners a future-proof trophy that honours their accomplishments like nothing else out there.

The world's first NFT Digital Award Trophies are a revolutionary way to leave a lasting impression on your award winners and audience. Even better, they’re cost-effective too.

Provide recipients with a priceless digital award they will cherish forever, and add cutting-edge flair to your award ceremonies–a sure fire way to spark media interest.

How do NFT awards work?

Each winner receives an exclusive, one-of-a-kind digital trophy that is theirs forever. Think of it like a digital twin – we’ll take your concept of the physical trophy and replicate it as a virtual asset. We’ll then present you with a printed QR code which the winner can use to download their trophy. Award recipients can showcase their awards online as they please, increasing visibility for everyone involved.

NFT awards are digital assets which are authenticated by blockchain technology, meaning they can’t be copied as you can track down who owns the virtual file. NFTs provide intrinsic value to award winners by granting them complete rights to the award. Our trophies are low carbonand easy for you to implement.

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Lead the way in embracing a digital future

Our NFT awards trophies provide your winners with a future-proof record of their achievement. We’re adamant that NFT technology is the future and will become the standard for online credentials. Stay ahead of the curve by making digital awards apart of your online presence sooner rather than later.

Our solutions use industry-standard technology

NFT awards are built on the low-cost, low-carbon Polygon –a fast and highly secure network. The trophies can be stored in a standard digital wallet such as Metamask for seamless access.

Increase value across the board

Awards winners will gain a bespoke award they can keep online forever; you’ll gain an early-mover advantage. Be one of the first to bring digital awards to the market.

Environmentally friendly

We use a low carbon blockchain solution to ensure an environmental impact much lower than a physical award. The NFTs are built on a low carbon Polygon network that utilises carbon offsetting technology and has committed $20 million to reducing its carbon footprint.

Dead easy to implement

We’ll support you every step of the way. From design to delivery, we’ll manage everything, including all technical aspects as well as the security setup. We’ll also teach you how to access and store the NFT. Simply issue a QR code to the winner -we’ll take care of the rest.

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